Which One Of The Following Is The Best Example Of Agreement-Based Knowledge

9. Qualitative research is used in all the following circumstances, EXCEPT: Here is a process developed by Harvard Law School to develop the best alternative to a negotiated agreement: This is why the term anecdotal evidence is a form of criticism in many areas. An anecdote is a small story or an example, and as such, it is much less representative. One or two or even a dozen examples are not a substitute for a specific statistical measure. 1. Which of the following should not be a criterion for a good research project? You can also consider the aggregate evidence that could be included if you are able to do so and ask if the author has provided a substantial portion of it. Let us say, for example, I wanted to prove that the community and technical colleges in Washington are suffering from budget cuts, and I give examples of 15 of the 34 colleges in the state. I quoted almost half of the entire group that was discussed. For many, this would be enough to show that higher education institutions suffer in general. Going back to Bill Gates` example, could one ask whether he should represent Americans` income or their attitude toward giving? It is clearly not representative when it comes to income, but it might be representative of the attitude Americans about giving. Perhaps most Americans would do the same if they had his money.

My point here is not that Bill Gates is typical in this regard, but that he indicates that an example can be either representative or unrepresentative, depending on what they think they are supposed to represent. That`s why it`s important to ask yourself, representative of what? 10. In secondary data analysis, researchers should ask themselves all the following IFAs: 15. Which of the following results is a form of research generally conducted by managers and other professionals to address the problems of their organizations and/or their professional practices? The ”best” available evidence will use appropriate research methods and sources to answer the question. Research should be conducted with care, verified by experts and transparently verified on its methods, limitations and how its conclusions were drawn. The theoretical basis and context of the research should also be clarified. If there is little or no formal research, other evidence, such as professional consensus and peer review, can be considered ”the best available” if collected and documented with care and transparency. By definition, therefore, statistics assume that they are accurate and give a more representative picture of the world than isolated examples. That`s not all, but they can give you a very accurate breakdown. In general, you can say that if an example is representative, then most of the subject is what it is.

Statistics, on the other hand, allow you to tell much more accurately how many of the population studying your studies are as a percentage of the description. 3. A study conducted by professors found that their performance-based pay increased their motivation, which increased their job satisfaction. What is the ”motivational” variable in this study? There is evidence in many kinds of things that I have discussed at length here. Each case is different and requires its own assessment. Don`t expect to get the right answer, because the definition of enough is too subjective. Instead, ask if the evidence is sufficient for you and why. Think about how many different facts or examples were given, what different types of evidence were, and the total number of evidence that might be available if there was room. The goal is to explain convincingly your reasons, not the right answer.

As noted in the example above, it is important to have an optimal alternative to a negotiated agreement before negotiations begin. If Colin had not had a BATNA, Tom would have had more bargaining powerThe bargaining power of buyers, one of the strengths of Porters` industry analysis framework, refers to the pressure that customers/consumers can exert.