Nice Road Toll Agreement

8. Is it necessary to erect barricades all over the NICE road? What about the sections on which most accidents extend — has anything been done? 6. How many streetlights operate on the NICE road? ”If we try to impose rules in this area, NICE patrol vehicles show up at the scene of the crime and say that we cannot book cases on this private road, call our senior officers and give false information about our activities here and put us in trouble,” he added. In 2013, there were 21 accidents in the part of NICE Road within the borders of the electronic urban traffic police, resulting in eight deaths. In 2014, 12 accidents occurred on the same road, resulting in one fatality and injuring 11 people. In 2015, up to November, 11 accidents were observed on the NICE road, killing 5 people and injuring 28. On November 17, 2015, after NICE wrote to the government, Inspector Mohammad wrote a reply to the Additional Police Commissioner (Transport) and clarified that the police were well informed and well trained, where the rule that violates vehicles can be stopped. ”This year, 8,348 cases of excessive vehicle speeding have been booked under the limits of the electric city traffic police station. There were no accidents or damage. The police also have knowledge of the beautiful street,” the letter said.

The Minister of Law and Parliamentary Affairs, T.B Jayachandra, told the media on Thursday that the government had informed NICE by increasing toll rates for BMIC. There are 40 cases related to NICE in the High Court and the Supreme Court. Due to pending cases and court orders, the government is unable to withhold NICE on the issue of toll rates, he said. ”If there is an accident, we are called upon to move the wreckage, if there are people who are twitching in accidents, we are called upon to evacuate the bodies. But we must not regulate traffic or punish an offender on this road to avoid such accidents,” says Mohammad. 1. In accordance with the agreement between NICE and the Karnataka government, which is the authority to impose traffic rules (on speed, driving without a helmet, etc.) and punish offenders on nice road road? Is it the traffic police or the NICE team? In a comparative graph, NICE stated that the NICE toll was lower than the electronic urban highway rate.