My Mercedes Agreement

Your payments are based on the annual mileage agreed to in your financing contract; If you exceed this, there is an excess of the mileage you pay at the end of your agreement. Details of excessive mileage charges for your vehicle can be found on page 2 of your financial contract. You can view your digitally signed contracts or financial statements. What will happen at the end of my financial agreement? They can be charged for repairs that do not meet the manufacturer`s standards. The best way to avoid this is to leave your vehicle maintained by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. To find the one closest to you, call 1,800.FOR MERCEDES (1.800.367.6372) or visit For more information, check out your first-class rental agreement. As a general rule, all taxes charged to your rented vehicle are your responsibility. For more information, see your copy of the rental agreement or call the Customer Service Center at 1.800.654.6222. The difference between the current value of the vehicle paid by your insurance company and the net balance owed to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services will be covered by a CAP waiver under the terms of your lease.

This coverage applies as long as your insurance exists at the time of the loss and your monthly rental payments are up to date until the date Mercedes-Benz Financial Services receives the proceeds of your insurance. You are also responsible to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services for an amount corresponding to the deductible of your policy. For more information, visit our customer service centre at 800.654.6222. Q. Can I increase my annual mileage allowance during the contract? one. That shouldn`t be a problem. You must contact us to agree on another agreement. However, this will result in a change in monthly payments. However, you cannot reduce your annual mileage allowance once your contract has started. Your Mercedes-Benz Financial Services First Class financing contract requires full continuous insurance and collision for your vehicle. Q. Who is responsible for the maintenance and when? one.

In the case of an ”unmaintained” contract, you are responsible for all maintenance requirements. These must be carried out in accordance with Mercedes-Benz`s service requirements, the information of which is contained in the vehicle manual or in the brochure to be downloaded from our website. If you enter into a ”well-maintained” agreement, the leasing company will wait for the vehicle for you. However, you pay a monthly payment for this service, which is in addition to your monthly fee. We do not offer abbreviated contractual terms, but you have the option to settle your contract at an early stage. You also have the option to renew your contract, if you wish, we will take a look at your circumstances and find a solution for you. Please contact our customer service team. Q. Can you insure the vehicle for me? one.

All of our financing agreements require that you organize your own insurance from the date of delivery of the vehicle available to you as a legal requirement. If the vehicle is financed under a contractual lease, the vehicle must be covered by a full insurance policy for the duration of the contract. Assign the bank account from which we take your contractual payments. Your first-class rental contract requires these minimum coverages: Q. What down payment do I have to pay for a typical rental agreement? a. As a general rule, your initial down payment will be either 3 or 6 regular monthly rents. If necessary, larger or smaller upfront payments can be made. The higher the initial down payment, the lower the normal monthly rents. You can get a copy of your contract by logging in to Mercedes Finance Me and clicking on the ”Documents” button at the top of the page.