Mobility Agreement Staff Mobility For Training 2019

The travel contribution is calculated using a travel computer assisted by the European Commission ( The distance between the starting position and the final position of mobility in straight lines is calculated from one position to another. Step 9 Confirmation of apprenticeship/training, signed by the host institution Confirmation attests that the officer has accepted the teaching/training contract under the Erasmus programme. It is a document that confirms in hours the arrival and departure dates, as well as the extent of teaching/training and other possible activities (concerts, participation in exams, etc.) and confirms the payment of the scholarship or training. Step 10 Report to ECAS – Mobility Tool Mobility Tool is a web platform for the cooperation, management and communication of mobility projects under the Erasmus programme. The IRC is responsible for introducing mobility data and participant data into the system. Mobility Tool automatically sends requests for participant reports after the end of the mobility period, as shown in the ”End Date” field of mobility details. Participants receive an invitation to complete the mobility report. The participants` report is in the form of an online questionnaire containing an individual selection, a multiple choice and a type of matrix questions. Step 11 Evaluation Host facilities and host facilities should monitor mobility and assess its quality. The success of each activity is very important for the continuation of fruitful cooperation between the two institutions. Good practices and successes are expected to be disseminated, at least within the institution of origin. Information can also be sent to the AN at their request.

Travel arrangements that are not directly related to the Erasmus mobility of staff, such as. B trips to conferences or other visits before/after Erasmus mobility are not considered eligible. It is possible to grant an additional grant to disabled staff benefiting from the Erasmus programme in order to meet their specific needs. Management must be informed in the event of such a situation. The daily grant granted to Erasmus staff mobility staff is determined by the National Agency taking into account the duration of mobility and the standard of living of countries. The amounts in the table below are expressed in euros and travel expenses are not included. The minimum duration of training for Erasmus Mobility staff is 2 working days and the CEU grants a grant for a maximum of 5 to 6 days.