Amazon Payments Europe User Agreement – Merchant Accounts

Register your seller account with for a GBP account. ”Given the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis, Amazon Pay recognizes that merchants are being affected in an unprecedented way. In order to reduce uncertainty, Amazon Pay is temporarily relaxing its refund policy in two ways: Recurly needs a first name and a last name to store a delivery address and/or file a transaction. Amazon only needs one name and should not contain a separate surname. If the client has entered a first and last name, Recurly uses the seized names. If it hasn`t entered, Recurly will try to enter their names and surnames from Amazon. If Amazon doesn`t return a last name, there`s a mistake. In this case, it is recommended to ask the user to enter a first and last name. 1.4 Checking. We may ask you for additional information to indicate the identity or identity of your business as a condition for providing the service for you or before we allow you to receive or exchange electronic money from your merchant account.

We may provide, directly or through third parties, any requests we deem necessary to validate the information you provide to us, including, but not only, the verification of commercial databases or credit reports. You allow us to receive one or more of your credit reports from time to time in order to create, update or renew your distributor account with us or, in the event of a dispute related to this contract and the activity, under your reseller account. While we can take steps to verify the identity of our users, we cannot and cannot guarantee a user`s identity. You are solely responsible for taking appropriate measures to verify the identity of other users of the service with whom you do business. 2.2 Account history. If an order is confirmed by your personal account, we will update your account activity on the site and provide you with a transaction confirmation. Confirmation serves as a receipt. You can receive a separate receipt from a dealer for the transaction. In the event of a recurring or multiple payment authorization (see section 3.4), you will receive an email confirmation if a transaction authorized by this method of payment is completed. You should print or save a copy of this data for your records. Summaries of your personal account activities, including monthly statements, are available in the ”Your Account” section on our website. Unless legally binding, you are solely responsible for creating and maintaining permanent records of all transactions and other data related to your personal account and use of the service, and (b) for coordinating all payment activities and other transactional information related to your personal account.

Following the termination of this Agreement for any reason, neither we nor our affiliates are required to retain, retain, report or provide other copies of records, documentation or other information related to the Site, your personal account or the Service. Customers can change the billing agreement (for example. B change in payment method or cancellation) either by Amazon or through Recurly. 12.1. This agreement is in English and you agree that we will contact you and that you will contact us in English for the duration of the agreement. If you visit the site or send us emails, contact us electronically. We contact you via the website, Seller Central and the email address we have filed for you. By registering for the service and accepting the terms of this Agreement, you agree to receive communications from us electronically.

We may provide all communications and information relating to the service and your distributor account, including, but not only, service-related agreements, changes or modifications to these agreements or guidelines, communications, communications, transaction information, declarations, responses to claims and other customer communications that we can provide to you legally (together ”Communication”